Highlight and Contour Like a Pro

*This post contains affiliate links* What Exactly is Contouring? So, contouring isn’t exactly a science right? Well, some people may disagree. Contouring a highlighting is a huge thing in the beauty industry these days. Specific makeup artists have even claimed to know the exact science behind the absolute perfect contour. There are even memes that… Read More Highlight and Contour Like a Pro

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How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship in College

**This post contains affiliate links. See my privacy page for more details** College is hard. Relationships are hard. Long distance relationships are basically impossible. How many times have you heard this in your young adult life? Well, I’m telling you right now, forget everything you’ve heard. Clear away that cloud of negativity and doubtful thoughts… Read More How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship in College


BootayBag Review

I’m sure you have all seen this brand on Instagram lately, and that’s because so many people are falling in love with them. I recently got in touch with BootayBag, and besides having some of the sweetest PR people ever, they were kind enough to send me their April BootayBag to see if I liked… Read More BootayBag Review