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How to Add Color to Your Wardrobe

Spring is finally here! Where I’m from, that means heading outside a lot more and enjoying the 4 months of sunshine while it lasts. Spring and summer are also the time that people start to gravitate towards incorporating more color in their wardrobe. I am all for a little color, but I always tend to find myself back in the neutrals section. I find neutrals a lot easier to work with, and to mix and match together. I also feel like Neutrals look best on me because they help balance out my red hair and super pale skin tone. But, I have decided to step out of my comfort zone and go for the more colorful pieces this Spring and Summer just to switch it up. Of course I’m no giving up all of my neutrals during the warmer months, but incorporating them around more colorful pieces I am completely okay with. Here are some of my tips and tricks if you’re like me and love your neutrals!

1. Start off Small

You don’t have to go out right away and pick up all of the color you see once it starts getting warm. I feel like whenever I step into a department store this time of year, all I see is a sea of color, and it can be hard to find something that works with my style. Don’t be afraid to be picky about your clothes, you are paying for them after all. While searching for pieces outside of your comfort zone, try not to be forced into picking something that you think you should get, or that you think may look good with that one pair of jeans. Once you find something, you’ll know. I start off small by picking out a mainly neutral dress with little pops of color throughout, usually from Forever21. Forever21 is a perfect place to find a lot of in-style pieces for an affordable price. I think that neutrals with pops of color are really popular this Spring and Summer. Dresses are an easy go-to look during Spring and Summer because they’re so easy to throw on and there are a million ways to style them. I’m super into the floral print right now, as well as a nice throwback bell sleeve look on a dress. To dress any look up, you can pair it with a pair of heels, or if you’re going more casual that day, try going for a cute pair of flip flops. Nude is always in, so nude heels are a safe bet. Red is also a color that is coming back in a big way this Spring and Summer, so test out something little and red, like these red flip flops. Like I said, there are so many ways to add something small, but colorful into your wardrobe.


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2. Pale Colors are Still Colors

I’m not much of a pink girl, but a nice pale pink is something I have been seriously into lately. A lot more pale colors are popping up this spring as opposed to the bright colors we’re used to, and I’m loving it.I’ve been buying a lot more pale blues and pinks because they’re super easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe. They also don’t have to be expensive. A pale top is a safe bet that you can either dress up or down. I decided to show you guys how I would dress it down and make it comfy with these Forever21 leggings and sunglasses. I feel like there’s almost nothing out there that you can’t make more casual looking by pairing it with leggings. Plus, they’re super easy to just throw on! Something else I would pair with this look if I was on the go would be a pale pink crew neck with the shoulders cut out and exposed. Exposed shoulders are another big trend lately! It’s the perfect way to show off some skin while still keeping it casual.


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3. Shoes Make a Difference

Oh shoes. I truly believe that if you’re rocking a good pair of shoes, and a smile on your face, then you can accomplish anything. My newest shoe obsession, besides my nude heels, are these ravishing red flip flops. I know what you’re thinking, flip flops aren’t the most fashionable thing in the world. I truly do believe though that these flip flops make a statement when I go out, and I have gotten countless compliments on them. Pairing these shoes with with some jeans and a casual top has been my go to look while I’m running errands, working, etc. Find yourself a nice pair of statement shoes that will make your outfit pop, while still being neutral, and I promise you that people will notice.


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4. A Bold Lip (or any bold makeup)

My favorite thing to do will always be playing around with makeup. I obviously am a huge makeup and beauty junkie, so this Spring I have been playing around with a lot of colorful makeup looks. I know that for most people, a really bold makeup look can be scary, and that is exactly how I feel with adding a lot of color into my wardrobe, but it is okay to step outside of your comfort zone. Experiment with new beauty products and brands and try really interesting colors and textures on the face. I have tried out a lot of weird looks so far, but I think that this look is my favorite for the Spring and Summer because it’s really long wearing, not too bold, but it still makes statement. The statement really comes from this bold red lip that I paired with a more neutral warm eye and glowy skin. The lipstick I used is a gorgeous shade called Big Cherry from NYX Cosmetics as a part of their Butter Lipstick collection. And, the best part is, this lipstick is only $6! NYX Cosmetics is and will always be one of my favorite beauty brands of all time, so if you haven’t, go ahead and check them out because they may blow your drugstore expectations right out of the water. For the rest of my face I used the L’Oreal Pro-Glow Foundation ($10.99), the Wet N’ Wild Countouring Palette for my cheekbones, highlight, and for my eye crease shade ($4.99), Anastasia Dip Bow Pomade in Auburn for my eyebrows ($18), and NYX Cosmetics shimmering Loose Pearl Eye Shadow for my lid shade ($3). Most of these products are listed on my shopstyle page if you decided to check them out, and send me a tweet if you decided to recreate this look yourself!

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5. Add a Staple Piece to Your Wardrobe

Last, but certainly not least, adding a staple piece to your wardrobe can be scary, but so rewarding if done right. There are so many ways to add a piece to your look to make it more seasonally appropriate. For me, I usually decide to simply add a statement necklace to my outfit. Jewelry is an amazing way to add a little extra something to a look, and it’s more often than not, looked over, while picking out an outfit for the day. Jewelry can turn an all neutral or nude look into something a little bit more classy and extra. Jewelry doesn’t have to be your only staple piece though. A nice colorful jacket can play that role too, or even a really colorful and fun top if you’re feeling more daring! It also doesn’t have to be expensive! Most necklaces are around $20 and you can easily find a vintage looking jacket from the thrift store that’s super cheap, and an actual vintage piece! Don’t be scared to mix and match pieces to create something new and exciting out of your wardrobe!


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