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Boost Your Business With This Foolproof Social Media Strategy

How Do I Stay On top Of Social Media?

Social media nowadays, is basically what makes the world go around! Social media can help to spread knowledge, find new products and services, inspire others, and it has even created so many new jobs that we didn’t have as little as 5 years ago. When it comes to the world of social media, everything is constantly changing, and to stay in the know, and present in your preferred social community, you need to somehow stay relevant. Staying relevant, is especially important if you have a blog or business that you run.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to a few social media managers ,and experts, to find out their secret top-notch tips and tricks. Best part is, anyone can use this to boost their following, boost their business, or to boost awareness and stay relevant. In this post, I’m going to be going over some key points we discussed, how to implement them, tools you can use, and many visual tools that can help you succeed. Let’s get started!

Set Goals, And Create A Strategy From There

First off, in order to implement any sort of plan or strategy, you need to establish what your goals are. Is it to simply gain more followers? Do you want to spread awareness about your brand? Are you selling a product or service? Whatever your goal is, establish that first, and then set miniature goals on how you’re going to achieve your bigger goal. Is brand recognition your main end point? Then maybe start with posting daily, then go on to creating ads for your brand, then possibly start reaching out to others to get feedback on how you can improve, etc. Start small, and build up. Nothing happens over night.

Focus On Specific Platforms

Believe it or not, different platforms are meant to be used for different types of content. Facebook for example, is mainly for targeting people with ads, sharing content about your brand, and showing your audience the basics of who you are, or what your company is all about. Twitter, is all about connecting more personally with your audience. Tweet about some sneak peaks, something your excited about, retweet your audience’s content to show your support, etc. Instagram, is all about showing off your content on a visual level, and also connecting to your audience. Pinterest, my personal favourite, is used to spread awareness of your brand or business, and to show who you are, and what you’re interested in, all on a purely visual platform.

I would recommend focusing on these 4 platforms to start, or maybe even just three. If you have your hands in all of the social platforms, after time, your content is going to get repetitive, you’re going to get mentally exhausted, and people will stop being interested in your content because it isn’t authentic. So, I recommend putting all efforts into 3, 4 max, platforms. Purely for your own sanity haha. Remember, nobody can live online 24/7! Or, you can always hire a virtual assistant to do all of that work for you, wink wink.

Social Media Manager Must Haves

Apps/services to test out for all of you social media wizards out there:

Buffer – Easily schedule Twitter and Facebook posts for free! Chrome extension, and app both available now. Can’t schedule on Instagram (no services available for that anywhere yet), but it reminds you when to post, and what to post.

Tailwind – Schedule Pinterest pins, and find tribes to join for a low cost.

Hootsuite – Schedule to social media platforms, and get analytics for every post.

IFFFT – Easily connects all of your scheduling apps together.

Unfollowers – Shows how many people unfollow your Instagram, so you can effectively see who your authentic audience is.

Emoji App – Keep your posts spicey with this super cute app.

Bloglovin – Easily find new content ideas, inspiration, and share content from other bloggers.

Canva – Create amazing visuals for any social platform.

Snapseed – Edit your photos anywhere, anytime, for free.

Color Pallette – Advanced auto filter technology for an affordable price.

Pixabay – Stocked with thousands of relevant stock photos for commercial and personal use.

Pexels – Thousands of stock photos available for download to anyone.

Burst – Visually stunning, and extremely relevant stock photos for commercial use.

Never Stop Promoting

If there’s one thing you should take from this post, it should be to never ever stop promoting your content. As soon as a new post, or product comes out, share that stuff anywhere and everywhere. Even if some of your content or products seem old and forgotten, that would be the perfect time to bring it back up, and remind everyone what you’ve created in the past. Never stop promoting and sharing what you’re made of everyday all day. People’s attention can be easily lost, so it’s very important to always show off what you’ve created, and to be proud. Heck, even throw in an ad in there too to reach a bigger audience. On whatever platforms you love sharing on, promote, promote, promote!

Content Scheduling And Apps

I gave you a few ideas for content scheduling website and apps above, but I honestly can’t express to you how important scheduling content is. I’ll go into more detail in a later post about how all of the scheduling apps work exactly. To sum up most of these apps and websites, they schedule all of your content for you in advance, which will make your job a lot easier. You’ll never forget to post something, because it will have already been posted by your scheduler. Like I said earlier, you can’t be online 24/7, but in order to stay relevant, you have to be! schedulers take the work out of your job, and give you so much more time to do your other work.

When/How Much To Post

Below are some visual diagrams that I use on a daily basis.  I guarantee these will help you out, and you’ll probably remember it a lot better because of the visual aid. All images are from Pinterest, and I give full credit to their original owners. Enjoy!



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