BootayBag Review

I’m sure you have all seen this brand on Instagram lately, and that’s because so many people are falling in love with them. I recently got in touch with BootayBag, and besides having some of the sweetest PR people ever, they were kind enough to send me their April BootayBag to see if I liked it or not, and to do a review for them! I was so extremely excited when my package finally came in the mail, and I’m excited to tell you guys my thoughts and opinions. Just because this post is sponsored though, doesn’t mean that if I don’t like something I’ll automatically give them an awesome review. These are my honest opinions on this brand from my personal standpoint, and a review of the products I received.

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Who Is BootayBag?:

So, just in case you guys don’t know what BootayBag is, or what they’re all about, here’s some back story. BootayBag is a subscription based company that delivers top notch underwear to your doorstep every month. To sign up for BootayBag, you can simply go on their website, fill out a profile about yourself (your size, and what style you would like to receive), put your payment information in, and there ya go! Each BootayBag is only $12 monthly, and you’ll receive two pairs of underwear in the mail, shipped for free (don’t worry, the cute BootayBag you’re seeing does come in a seperate bag when delivered for your privacy), and you can even decided whether you want only thongs, no thongs, or a mix it up option! You can even pay a one time charge of $13 and receive a bralette as well!

My Thoughts:

Every month you’ll have no idea what colors you’ll be getting, and if you choose the mix it up option, you’ll have no idea what styles you’ll be getting. I feel like this makes the service even more exciting and makes you look forward to it every month. Plus, who doesn’t like affordable underwear? Goodbye Victoria’s Secret, and hello BootayBag! I chose the mix it up option, so I received two pairs of cheekers. Both have lace detail, and one was black while the other was a pale pink. I am currently loving the set that I got. For only $12 I honestly wasn’t expecting the quality to be very good, but they seem very durable, and not like they’ll be torn to shreds in the washer. They’re extremely comfortable and I’m telling you, this may be the best $12 you will ever spend. Plus, if you decide you don’t like it, you can cancel your subscription at any time. I’m loving this service for three reasons, one, the incredible customer service interaction, two, the affordability of the products, and three, the quality of the products. Plus, if you do decide to subscribe to this service, and post a selfie of your cute little bag, BootayBag will donate $1 to the Melanoma Foundation for every selfie. All in all, this is a winner for me, and I would 10/10 recommend. Thanks again BootayBag!



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