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Personal Style

What Is My Style? Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of messages asking me about my personal style. A lot of you guys know what I like when it comes to beauty products, but i haven’t done many posts on style or fashion. I am obsessed with all things fashion, and I’m always on the… Read More Personal Style


Highlight and Contour Like a Pro

*This post contains affiliate links* What Exactly is Contouring? So, contouring isn’t exactly a science right? Well, some people may disagree. Contouring a highlighting is a huge thing in the beauty industry these days. Specific makeup artists have even claimed to know the exact science behind the absolute perfect contour. There are even memes that… Read More Highlight and Contour Like a Pro


BH Cosmetics Review

I believe and have always believed that, without the right brush set, no matter how amazing of a makeup artist you are, your makeup looks are never going to turn out top quality. In the beginning of my makeup career I always used expensive makeup brushes, mainly because they were recommended by my mom, who… Read More BH Cosmetics Review