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Easy and Affordable Thanksgiving DIY Ideas – DIY Wednesday

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It’s not Thanksgiving when this post is going live, but it’s never too early to get in the holiday spirit. It’s also never too early to start planning the big day. I am obsessed with the holidays, and I’m also obsessed with DIY’s, and home decor. So, why not roll all those into one ultimate DIY Wednesday post? If you’re having a little bit of trouble trying to figure out what exactly to do on Thanksgiving, or if you’re looking for some inspiration this holiday season, you have come to the right place! Disclaimer: none of these images are my own, and I give full credit to their original owners.

Home Decor

Pumpkin Rings:

This DIY is one of my personal favourites, because it’s super cheap, and super easy. It also gives your home’s decor a rustic feel. All you have to do is take 22 large to medium sized rings used on mason jars, wrap a string around them, tie the string, and put a bit of burlap cloth and cinnamon sticks (or regular decorative sticks) in the center for the stem!

Holiday Calligraphy Wine Bottles:

Take a few empty bottles of wine, spray paint with any colour of your choice, hand calligraphy a cute saying with sharpie, or paint pens, and tie straw around the bottle neck!

Cork Pumpkin:

Take saved up corks from wine bottles, glue together with super glue, paint both ends of the corks, and place the topper on top. To make the topper, super glue an extra cork standing up, as well as felt shaped like leaves, and tie burlap strings around the extra cork. This can also be a super fun project for the kids!

Calligraphy Pumpkins:

Use real, or fake pumpkins from any craft store, and use paint pens/sharpie to hand letter some cute fall/thanksgiving sayings onto them!

Hanging Glitter Leaves:

Take any medium sized real/fake leaves, cover with Elmer’s glue, and sprinkle glitter all over until fully covered. After dry, punch a hole at the end of the leaves, with a hole puncher, and tie a cute string onto each leaf! Hang these anywhere you wish in the house.

The Table

The table at any Thanksgiving celebration is going to be the center of everyone’s attention. So, we need to make sure it’s fully decorated and super festive!

Affordable Felt Silverware Cloths:

Use felt in any fall colors of your choosing, cute each felt cloth into a rectangle, and wrap around your silverware. To keep everything together, tie some festive straw strings around the cloth.

Pumpkins On Display:

I love this way of displaying your pumpkins this holiday season. Buy some affordable, and super cute, small pumpkins or gourds, and place into a larger cylindrical vase.

Floating Lights:

These floating lights are going to be a hit on the table at your Thanksgiving celebration! All you have to do, is get small cylindrical vases, or glasses, fill with water, place sticks in the water, and float a small tiki candle on top!

Festive Cranberry Candle Vase:

Buy a rectangular vase, or glass, preferably large in size. Place a candle in the center of the vase, and pour fake cranberries around the candle, making sure they don’t rise anywhere near the flame.

Thanksgiving Menu :

This cute Thanksgiving menu can act as either a placemat for your guests, or you can use it personally to keep organized. This isĀ  a printable that I created that’s only $3 on my shop called Cozy Creations. If you sign up for my newsletter now, you can get this for free, and print out as many as you’d like!

For The Kids

We can’t forget about the kids! I know a lot of moms read my blog, and your kids will start bringing their Thanksgiving school projects home. So, if you home school, or if you’re just looking to do something fun and creative with the kids this thanksgiving, consider these super easy, affordable, and especially cute kid decor projects!

Hanging Pumpkin Pie Slices:

Use a felt piece, cut that in half, and then cut those halves into triangles. You can do this part for your kids if they’re a bit younger. Cut a long rectangular piece of cardboard for the crust, and fold back and forth to create a crinkled effect. Glue the crust onto the triangular slice. You can also glue a cotton ball onto the center to be used as whipped cream! To hang these super cute slices, all you have to do is glue string to the back of each slice, and hang anywhere in your home!

Terracotta Pumpkin Candy Jars:

Need a place to store some of your kids new halloween candy? Try this candy jar DIY out! This can be used for Halloween, or all throughout fall. Simply paint a terracotta planter, and a small planter plate that usually goes on the bottom. Glue a piece of wood, or cork onto the bottom of the plate after it’s painted. Then, tie straw, or string, around piece of wood/cork, and then place that ontop of the terracotta planter. After placing the candy in it of course!

Candy Turkeys:

Use 9” round tulle, pour fall coloured M&M’s/Reese’s, and tie that with a clear elastic. Use pipe cleaners to form a circular head, legs, and beak. Stick the pipe cleaners into the tulle, and then glue googly eyes onto the head piece!

Hershey’s Kisses Turkeys:

Make these super cute and yummy turkeys for Thanksgiving by cutting out a round circular piece of construction paper (for the bottom), and a round looking piece (for the feathers). Glue these two pieces together, and then glue a kiss on top of the bottom round piece. Continue to glue a small felt cloth triangle (for the beak), and two googly eyes on to the kisses piece! Super cute, and also makes for an awesome treat for your guests.

Family Thanksgiving Tree:

Have your kids cut out these cute fall coloured leaves, set out some markers, and let them decorate a large piece of cardboard to be used on Thanksgiving day. Give your kids the task of making sure everyone that comes over puts their own fall leaf onto the fall tree! It’ll give them a sense of responsibility and pride to have something to do. This would also make an awesome classroom project for all of you amazing teachers out there!

Wrap It All Up

I hope that all of you have an amazing holiday season, and an amazing Thanksgiving to all of my American readers! I also hope that some of these cheap and easy DIYs helped stir some creative thoughts. if you recreate any of these projects, be sure to send me photos on instagram or twitter @itslikelymads. Happy holidays friends.

Picture Source: Pinterest

*Copyrighted by Madison Corum*

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