Fall 2017 Home Decor Trends

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Fall is slowly,but surely, creeping up on us this year, and I for one, am so excited about it! The air is getting cooler, the days are seemingly getting shorter, and the baggy sweaters are making a comeback! Fashion trends aren’t the only thing changing this season, but the interior design trends are also switching up their game. Some trends that we saw in this past spring/summer are slowly disappearing from homes and businesses. A more welcoming vibe is creeping it’s way into the mainstream interior design game, making everyone feel cozier and warmer for these cold months to come. Now, this seems pretty expensive, and it can be for sure, but it definitely doesn’t have to be. So, pull up a plushy chair, go treat yourself to a pumpkin whatever whatever, and take notes on how you can switch up your interior on a budget this fall.

The biggest advice I can give you for this fall, is to add more color into your home. The all white interior, and the clean cut marble, is going out of style for a little while. Now, don’t worry. If you happen to have some marble counter tops, white back splash, or white furniture, don’t freak, and definitely don’t go throw everything out right now. All of those things are going to remain a classic for a very long time. I’m just going to show you how to spice up those classics, and keep with the trends. Some colors that you’re going to be seeing a lot are any sort of warm, rich, and deep colors. Big pops of color on the scene are brown, mustard yellow, millennial pink, dark green, black, or any other sort of dark paint. Paint is going to be your friend this season. Dark paint can scare some people to start off with, so start small, go with an accent wall instead of painting a whole room. Another trend popping up is an accent ceiling. Painting your ceiling a dark color with some nice shiny fixtures are going to create a staple piece in your home, as well as a conversation starter.

The newest trend for fixtures is actually brass. Copper is out. Brass is relatively inexpensive as well, which is a huge bonus. Try adding this smooth metal into your home in the form of new brass bar stools, a brass faucet, brass lighting fixture, doorknob, etc. There are a million ways you can simply, and cheaply, add this sleek little detail into your home or business, and it’ll definitely catch the eyes of guests.

Keeping with the new little details, try adding some new funky patterns, and cool new textiles. One textile back on the scene this season is velvet. Velvet has been in the fashion scene for a majority of the year, and now it’s making it’s way into the interior design world. Try adding a funky new velvet lamp to brighten up a space, or even a velvet rug to keep your piggies warm this fall/winter. If you want to go for a more classic route, reupholstering a chair or couch is a fun project to take on, and relatively inexpensive. A bigger velvet piece in your living room is sure to make statement, as well as give the space a bit of a more classy feel.

If velvet isn’t your thing, then that’s totally fine. Chunky knit is also in, and it’s coming back in all shapes and forms. A nice quilt thrown across a bed or couch will definitely give off a cozy vibe. Faux fur is also a big trend this season, and you can either make this a statement piece, or a subtle decoration depending on your taste and budget!  Also try mixing and matching furniture pieces if your budget allows. One bland furniture set is out, and variety is in. Anything to give the room a new sense of pattern and texture, is definitely going to liven up your space, and make it more welcoming for the colder months.

Another huge tip I have when you’re trying to redecorate on a budget, is to take on a fixer upper project. Fixer uppers are becoming so huge right now. Taking something you already own, or something you bought super cheap at an antique shop, and transforming it to make it your own, is super satisfying. You’re going to love seeing how everything comes together in the end due to your hard work and elbow grease. It also helps that there are a million YouTube videos that help first time renovators. Good luck styling!!

-XOXO, Mads.

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