How to Look More Awake – A Beauty Guide For The Busy Individual

This one goes out to all of the mommies, overworked employees, busy students, entrepreneurs, and the all around on-the-go individual. Let’s face it, no one gets as much sleep as they should. Adults should be getting on average around 7-9 hours a night. I know that I definitely don’t get that. So I, as well as many other busy people on the go, need a little bit of help. Want to know all of the tips and tricks to looking like you just got the best sleep of your life? Keep reading, and go ahead and pin this post to Pinterest or share on social media to help another fellow busybody!

Under Eye Cream

One huge tip I have to anyone out there, even if you’re not that interested in looking more awake, is to use an under eye cream. This will not only make your eyes feel more awake, but it will hydrate your skin throughout the whole day, making your makeup stay on longer, and looking better. Keeping your under eyes hydrated is also the secret to preventing the look of aging, like crows feet and fine lines. Keeping your skin looking as ageless as possible is the key to improving the look of your makeup.

Under Eye Creams 

Corrector and Concealer

After giving your face a good wash and some moisturizer and eye cream, a corrector used underneath foundation is what you’re going to want to use next. So, what is corrector, and how is it different than concealer? Corrector is a product that can be used anywhere on the face that uses the idea of color masking. Whatever problem you have on your face, you take the color of that problem, let’s say a red pimple, and you mask it with it’s opposite color on the color wheel, which would be a green corrector. These two colors will cancel each other out, making your skin tone look more even.  For most people, under eye bags and discoloration are the main reason people look under-slept.  Under eye bags/discoloration is usually more of a brown to purple color. So, depending on your skin tone, you’re going to want to use a deep peach to alabaster shade to mask that purple undertone. For darker skin tones, try out a peach, and for lighter skin tones, you can try out a light alabaster shade. This can be used underneath your foundation to correct skin tone, an then mask the colors of that corrector with foundation. After foundation, underneath the eyes, be sure to use a concealer, which should be about one shade lighter than your foundation, to make the eyes look brighter and more awake. Setting that concealer with a loose translucent powder will give you a longer lasting power and prevent creasing from laughing or smiling throughout the day.



Lighter Coverage/Dewy Foundation

I know, I know, most people in the beauty community tend to cringe when told to use a lighter coverage foundation. But, I promise you that using a high coverage foundation will end up clinging to all of your dry patches, or make your skin more oily looking throughout the day. Also, if you’re worried about using a lighter coverage or dewy foundation due to acne concerns, try using a corrector on your scars or breakouts to mask only what you feel you need to mask. Using less foundation over time will also help ease acne in most people! I personally use a dewy foundation because I feel like it makes my skin look more youthful, making me look more awake. Try it out and see what it does for you, but if that’s not your thing, that’s ok too! That’s the beauty of makeup, you can never be wrong as long as you’re happy with it. After getting that perfect base down, contouring and highlighting is your next step to looking less like a blank canvas, and more like a sculpted goddess. You can check out all of my contouring a highlighting tips here!


Focusing On The Eyes

When it comes to looking more awake, your main focus should be on your skin and eyes. After getting your base down, or vice versa, you can get started on sculpting the eyes, making them look more lifted and bright. Be sure to prime your eyelids first, and set with a powder to ensure your makeup stays on all day and doesn’t crease. Using lighter colors towards the inner corner of your eye, and contouring only the outer portion of the eye with darker colors will make your eyes look a lot bigger and more awake. You can also highlight the inner tear duct with a bright color, and use only darker colors towards the outer portion of your under eye. Something that I do, and has helped me out a lot, is using a white eyeliner in the waterline. This gives your eyes a bigger and brighter effect. I also use a voluminous mascara to make my eyes look bigger.

The Rest of The Face

Coming back to the rest of the face, if you’re having an especially tiring day, try using a lighter color palette on the face to make your whole face tie together. By using colors like a light coral or light pink blush, as well as a bit of highlighter only where needed, and some nice lip gloss to reflect light off of the lips, you can give your face a more feminine look. Feel free to try out these tips and tricks and leave me some comments in the comments section telling me what you guys love to do to make yourself look more awake. Also, feel free to share this post with others and spread the love!

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