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Make More Money With This New App!

Hate Fees?

As a business owner myself, I know how challenging it can be to try to find a good marketplace to post items up for sale. You put your items up for everyone to see, get a few sales, and then you’re all of a sudden hit with huge fees! Very frustrating. It’s a known fact that with most online marketplaces like Etsy, and Amazon, they set a fixed fee for every item you post, and then they have another fee for every item you sell. You may think that you’re making a decent amount of money, but if you take all of your profits, and subtract that by all of the fees associated with each product, you’re actually losing out on a considerable amount of cash. So, what can you do about that? An app called Priceposts, may be your answer.

Who Is Priceposts?

Priceposts, is a new online marketplace, and it works just like a social platform. On Priceposts, you can conveniently buy and sell items online, with just the click of a button. Priceposts, makes it easy to sell and buy, any type of items you want, with their awesome hashtag system. You can type in anything you want by way of a hashtag, and get dozens and dozens of listings in your area, and all over. Also, the best part is, you can post virtually anything you want, and not be hit with a bunch of fees after making a sale.

Sell More Through Hashtags

Since Priceposts works through combining hashtags, whatever you’re selling is going to have more of an opportunity of being seen by so many more people. You don’t just have to be an online retailer to sell on Priceposts, anyone can start selling! Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur, just starting out, or are merely looking to sell that stuff in your garage you don’t use anymore, Priceposts is for you.

Sell Anything You Want!

I know that using hashtags to sell items may seem like more of a millenial thing, and it is, but trust me, it’s so easy that even your grandma can figure out how to make a quick buck on this app. What’s awesome about it is the ease of use in the entire app. It’s super easy to add items for sale, it’s easy to find items for sale, and it’s easy to make a sale through their fast texting system. Say goodbye to long and boring emails. If you have questions about a product or service, emailing back and forth can take a long time. Short and simple texts are the way of the future.

Still not convinced? Download their app, and try it out for yourself. My readers know that I would never recommend a product or service on my website that I didn’t 100% like, or agree with. Make your selling, and your customers buying experience, easier, and a lot less complicated. Happy selling!