Sloane Inc. Product Review

Who Is Sloane Inc?

Sloane Inc is a beauty based company that focuses on skincare needs and concerns for women and men of all ages. No matter your age, or skin concern, Sloane Inc has a product suited for you. Sloane Inc also has a spa, clinic, and a blog dedicated to skincare. All of their ingredients are very natural, and are proven to be good for skin. This company means business when it comes to their products, and they have seen proven results with their services. I have some exciting news for you guys. recently, Sloane Inc and I have been talking, and they are allowing me to try out a few of their  amazing products so that I can share with all of you guys my true thoughts and opinions on them. Now, although this post may be sponsored, doesn’t mean that I would give anything else to all of you, besides my honest opinion. Whether I love or hate a product, you’re going to get all of the details.

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What Products Did I Receive?

This month, Sloane Inc sent over two products for me to try out first. While talking with a representative for the company, we assessed my personal skin care concerns, and they hand picked what may work best for me. My concerns included some redness on the cheeks (uneven skin tone), and the occasional breakout. So, they sent me a Matcha Skin Superfood Mask, and an Acne Therapy Tonic. 

Matcha Skin Superfood Mask

I’m not going to lie, I was super excited about this mask. I am a huge lover of matcha, and I’m also a believer in all of the benefits it brings to the body. I was expecting the mask to come in a singular mask like form, kind of like a Lush or a Glam Glow Mask. But, this one is super interesting because it comes in three parts. So, in this sexy black box, you’ll receive a Matcha Skin Superfood Mask Powder (Step 1), which is the straight up matcha aspect, and then you’ll also get a Skin Superfood Skin Activator (Step 2), and a cute little bowl and spatula to mix everything together (Step 3).  To mix the mask, all you do is take equal parts powder and activator into the bowl and mix it to the consistency you’d like, apply it to the skin, and remove it after 10 minutes. This mask claims to soothe, clarify, and anti-age. I have used this products a few times since getting it, and I can honestly say that even after using it the first time, my skin felt super soft and like I had slept for 12+ hours. My skin tone was a bit more even, my skin just looked hydrated and glowy. I don’t know if it did anything in terms of anti-aging, but I do know that matcha itself has been proven to have a lot of anti-aging properties. This mask is 60g worth of product (which is a ton of product), and retails for $66 USD. It can also be found on their website here!


Mask Powder – French Clay, Green Tea Extracts, Aloe Vera, Hydrolysed Collagen, Colloidal Oatmeal, Sorbitol.

Skin Activator – Distilled Water, Sodium PCA, Vitamin B3, Vitamin A, White Tea Extracts, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Phenoxyethanol.

Acne Therapy Tonic

I’m not going to lie, I got a little nervous when I saw this product, just because I don’t personally have acne, so I tend to stay away from acne geared products. Sometimes, certain acne products can leave the skin’s oil production unbalanced when not used correctly. So, instead of using this all over the face, which is usually what a tonic, or toner, is used for, I used it specifically on any breakouts I was having. The packaging is a squirt bottle, so i would specifically spray a q-tip, and rub the product directly from the q-tip, to the break out. This honestly worked wonders for me. I would put this on over night, and within a day or two, my breakout was completely gone. I can only imagine what this product would do for people who have acne, and spread it all over the face daily. This particular producuct is in their No Shine Formula, meaning it will completely matify the skin. It also claims to effectively clarify skin, calm distressed skin, and clears breakouts. I honestly think that if you are an acne sufferer, you should check out this product. The Acne Therapy Tonic in the No Shine Formula can be found here, and it retails for $68 USD.

Ingredients :

Erythromycin, Tretinoin, Salicylic Acid

*Products were given to me by Sloane Inc, and I am not being compensated if you purchase these products*

Copywrighted by Madison Corum

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