Things You Need! – April Beauty Favorites 2017

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It feels like yesterday when I wrote my very first monthly favorites for you guys, and that was when my blog was first getting started! I’m so excited to come back yet again, and show you guys some of the products I have been obsessed with during the month of April. Like last month, I just want to thank you guys so much for supporting me, and genuinely being interested in what I have to say. Finding people who share the same passions as you can be difficult, and I feel like we’re slowly starting to create a little family here on this blog. Anyways, no more lovey dovey, let’s get into the fun stuff!

evahair NYC:

You guys have heard me rave about this brand for a while now, but I’m going to rave about them again haha. I am just in love with all of their products that I try. Recently, they sent me a little gift and I am so excited to share it with you guys. I was sent the brand new Clean It Up Shampoo, and the Soften It Up Conditioner to try out and give an honest opinion on. These two products come in a full liter and are now being sold in stores at Costco for just $9.99! That’s kind of insane to me, because these are originally $17.99 each. After trying these out for about two weeks I can honestly say that I can see a difference in my hair. I actually feel like I can go longer in between washing my hair now, just because the shampoo does a really nice job at removing any excess debris on the scalp, but it doesn’t overly dry out my scalp because the Conditioner really hydrates my scalp and hair, leaving it super smooth. Last month, I told you guys all about the eva nyc 10 in 1 primer, which is a hair spray that softens your hair, and protects it from any excess heat from drying or straightening/curling. If you haven’t checked it out, you can hear all about it here! You guys should really check this brand out, because I know that I’m going to be trying out a lot more of their products in the future. You can find more of their products on their websiteand all of the products I have reviewed can be found on my shopping page!


BootayBag, is another awesome company that recently reached out to me. I received these two pairs of underwear in the mail about a week ago, and I did a full review on them, and the brand, here if you’d like to check it out! I received these products for free, but I can honestly say that I have signed up to receive them every month now with their monthly subscription service! You can check out their website here! Tell me if you guys have ever heard of this brand, and if you like/dislike their service

Maurice’s Nude Heels (or anything nude in general):

Honestly, what have I been doing with my life before these nude heels? My whole wardrobe is basically all neutrals, so I have no idea why it took me so long to grab me a pair of these! These are from a really Maurice’s, which is a really affordable clothing company. I bought these nude heels, and my favorite bright red flip flops from them. Maurice’s has really adorable shoes, and such amazing bags, at a really good quality and price!! They also, almost always, have some sort of sale happening in stores and online. I snatched these beauties for only $39.99, and that was the full price. I can only imagine what the price would have been like if they were on sale. You can check out more of Maurice’s goodies here on their website! I couldn’t find a link anywhere to the specific shoes that I bought, but next time I go, I know that I’m going to be picking up these beauties.


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C & E Nailpolish:

I have been obsessed with everything red lately. Red is a color that is coming back into style in a huge way this Spring/Summer, and you’ll most likely see it everywhere in these coming months. To go with my red Maurice’s flip flops, I just had to pick up a red nail polish, and this one by Crabtree and Evelyn is stunning. So far, it’s been pretty long wearing, I’ve only had to touch up my original coat once over the past two weeks, and these nail polishes are also super affordable! I picked mine up from Amazon for only $6.99! You can find some of their other shades here. The first initial coat was pretty transulcent, but that’s the same with most nail polishes. After two coats it was good and dried super fast. Crabtree and Evelyn offer way more products than just nail polish, so you should give their website a look!

L’Oreal Pro Glow Foundation:

Oh, this foundation. My very first post on this blog was actually about my favorite foundations, and this was on that list. But, for whatever reason, since then I haven’t been wearing it as much, until recently. Do you ever have a ride or die product that you put down for a little while, and then pick it back up and think,”why did I ever leave you?”, yeah, this was one of those moments. L’Oreal has some of the best foundations in general, from the True Match, to the Lumi, it is just all around a really great place to start if you’re looking for a good drugstore foundation. My personal favorite from L’Oreal, is this Pro Glow Foundation. It melts into my skin so seamlessly when I blend it out with a beauty sponge, and it gives me the nicest dewy finish. It is also 24 hour wearing, although I’ve never actually tried it for 24 hours, I have been travelling for 12+ hours before, and this foundation lasted me the whole time. It is definitely my go to for a quick, natural looking, but build able coverage and dewy foundation. And, not to mention, it’s only around $10! I personally have dry to combination skin, but if you feel like your skin would not do good with with a dewy finish, or if that’s simply not your thing, they also have a simple Pro Matte formula with 24 hour long wearing capabilities and a Total Coverage Foundation for all of my full coverage babes out there. Not bad L’Oreal. You can check out my favorite for yourself on my shopping page.


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  1. Great list of April must haves. I have been seeing that shampoo everywhere and I have been very curious about it! I will have to check my Costco to see if the carry it. I also really love those shoes. I have never heard about Maurices before so I will have to check that site out too!

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